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Welcome to the JavaFILE!

Your one stop shop for FREE Java Scripts and Java Applets on the Net! Add something WILD to your Web Site... add some Java! You don't need to know how to program! Just download the script or applet you want to use... add it to your HTML, and edit it to suit your needs. Java authors from around the world have generously provided cool, useful stuff for your site... FOR FREE!

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Stay tuned in the coming year for many new and exciting features at the JavaFile.com! Stay up to date with all the changes by joining our mailing list which offer great script ideas and tricks - enjoy!

Script of the Week
Round About
Another cool mouse trail script. But this one is very clean and easy to use. Rad.
Applet of the Week
Random Sound
This applet will play an .au sound file randomly each time the applet gets loaded.

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