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Javascript/Java FAQ's

What's a .zip file and how do I do it?
Zip files are nothing other than compressed files. When compressed, it reduces the file size for faster downloading. To "unzip" a file, you need to use a program like WinZip. After installing WinZip, double-click on the file you downloaded and click on "extract", and extract the file to the folder of your choice and you can start working on your file.

My images aren't showing up?
In most cases, all images used in these files must be in the same folder as your applet. Make sure the img src path to you image(s) is also correct. Finally, you may need to re-start your browser before your changes can be seen.

All I see is a gray box?
All .class files are "case sensitive"...make sure they are typed in correctly. Also, some applets have built-in credits which "should not" be removed or the applet will not work correctly.

My script doesn't read from the .txt file I modified?
This is the tricky part of javascipt. When you open a text file to make changes and all text is on one line, make sure your new type is also on one line...same goes for java apps. Use a .txt editor like Notepad to make the changes...using an html editor will normally not work. Once again, you may need to re-start your browser to see the changes. The easiest way to change a .txt file is to study how the author did it and mirror this with your own text.

I clicked on an applet and a window pops up, why?
These windows normally have information about the applet creator. It's a small price to pay for some of the awesome applets you are able to use for free. A lot of hard work is put into building java and javascripts. Giving the author's credit is the least we should do.


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