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Java Applet Help

Java Basics

Java consists of many elements to make it work: .class files, .txt files, .image files and sometimes more. If you take one step at a time, it's a piece of cake! Hey, if I can do it - your pet goldfish has a good shot :) Most of the elements in Java can be changed by simply viewing the source of the document and substituting your stuff for the stuff in the file.  Applets with an attached .txt file should be changed using a text editor like Notepad. The .class files are better off left to the programmer's to play with. All the .class files need not be changed and some will disable the applet if you do mess with them. The images used can be substituted with your images. Just make sure the path is correct.

The Java .class files & .txt files.

Every Java applet you download from the JavaFILE will have .class files. Not all applets require .txt files, but all will have them either as part of the applet or a help file on how to configure it...read them!  The .class files are what makes the Java. There's one basic concept here...they have to be in the "same" directory as your html file for it to work. Once again, leave these alone unless you really know what you are doing. Now, the apps that require a .txt file to run can be changed with your text editor. Important...leave the lines "exactly" as you see them, other than adding addional lines of text. When finished changing the file, just overwrite the existing file if you are sure it's correct. Befor overwriting, I suggest making a backup of the orginnal .txt file. Note: in rare cases, you may have to re-start your browser before the changes take effect. Be sure to save your .html file before you do :)

Changing and using images in Java.

A large portion of the applets you download use images. For obvious reasons, you will probably want to change some of these. To do so, find the image you wish to use, or create one and place the image(s) in a directory that the Java applet can pull it from. Some applets have a seperate folders for images...make sure you place your new images in that folder or the applet will not function.  Some applets only require you have the images in the same directory, while others simply need to know where to get them from. To do this, you will have to view the source of your .html file and change the "img src" tags to where your images are stored. For example: you have an image called "vacation.gif" that you want to use and you have it in a folder called "my_images". Here is the proper way to place the code in your .html file: (<img src="http://www.YOURsite.com/my_images/vacation.gif) Leave out the brackets though ( ). That's about it...if you have any additonal questions, please post them in our forum and I'm sure our members will help you out.... The JavaFILE crew.

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